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Damawa Tax Services Flyer 2019

Tax season starts on Monday, January 28, 2019. Why wait to get your tax done? Call us at 614-864-1700 ext. 2 or 614-439-1930 to file right now.

Here is the Good News & Secret; please listen! Federal TAX REFUND CHECK WILL BE DELAY, DON’T WORRY, we got a solution for you at NO FEE.

– Get up to $2,500 FREE FAST CASH ADVANCE at no cost in 24 hours. Please don’t pay any tax office a DIME for the advance, call us to get it FREE.

– Most business owners (SELF EMPLOY PERSON/Sole Proprietor-Schedule C, S-Corp, Rental Income) will deduct 20% of Qualified Business income due to the new tax law.

We’re professional, trustworthy, “A” rated by the Better Business Bureau, and with almost 14 years of educational, practical work experience as a tax accountant since 2005 than any tax preparer at H & R Block, Liberty, or other tax businesses in town.

CALL US TO GET AN APPOINTMENT AT 614-864-1700 EXT. 2 or 614-439-1930.

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